Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Post, Little Gould Island

This blog is all about little Gould Island, which is the first thing I see every morning, here in Rhode Island on the Sakonnet River.  Maybe there are prettier islands, certainly larger, or more hospitable islands, but this little scrap of land inspires peace in me as it soaks up the sun, peeks out from the fog, silently lies under a snowfall, and stands up to roaring wind day by day here.
This will be my big project for this year.  To paint, sketch, photograph and write about this small scrap of geography, exploring its' personality (and actually never setting foot on it!).

1 comment:

conor said...

I love this painting and I love the idea of this blog! That little island captures every possible mood of even season and I'm excited to see these unfold